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A Century of Pioneering Publishing

Kelly Cohen, Senior Publisher and Alison Taylor, Executive Editor

#WeAreOSA is a new series of podcasts and blogs featuring inspirational stories and perspectives from scientists and engineers improving the world.

As scientific publishing has evolved, one thing has remained constant: OSA is a pioneer and a long-standing curator of trusted and authoritative peer-reviewed content. While there are many noteworthy stories in our publications history, this article looks at a few examples of how OSA enabled its members to experiment and test novel ideas with its diverse community.

From J.H. Eberly founding the first physical sciences journal to harness the early internet, to Alex Gaeta launching the first high-impact journal created for and run by the optics community, to Takashige Omatsu offering new article types and a progressive peer-review model, OSA has helped its members to transform the scientific publishing landscape while publishing discoveries to advance optics and photonics.

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