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Roundup Review: Optica's Career Accelerator Driving the future forward by empowering optics leaders

The Optica Foundation Career Accelerator brought together students and early career professionals for a program to develop their skills and learn how to use their expertise to compete and suceed in the optics and photonics field.

Added: 27 Jan 2023

Staying on target in 2023: Workplace values from the exhibition floor

As we head into 2023, we look at how to improve our meetings and provide a venue for members of the community to highlight their latest work, network, and connect with new collaborators. 

Added: 12 Jan 2023

Nanowires in thin-film: a toolbox for ultra-fast and quantum optics

Optica Fellow and Stanford University Dean of Applied Optics Martin Fejer spoke at the 2022 Laser Congress on new directions for the dynamic field of guided wave nonlinear optics. 

Added: 09 Jan 2023

Mid-Infrared fiber-optics leading the future for early cancer detection

At the 2022 Laser Congress, plenary speaker Angela Seddon discussed a new 'window of opportunity' for real-time mid-infrared medical sensing, imaging, and endoscopy for early cancer detection.


Added: 05 Jan 2023

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