Our New Brand Story

Wave hello to Optica.

Inspired by our work advancing light science and technology worldwide, we are excited to announce our society's new name.

What We Do

Optica, formerly OSA, the society advancing optics and photonic worldwide, is a leader of excellence, delivering high-quality scientific and technical information that is authoritative, accessible and archived.

The new brand, Optica, builds on our history of discovery and innovation. Since 1916, the society has been the world’s leading champion for optics and photonics, uniting and educating scientists, engineers, educators, technicians and business leaders worldwide. Optica currently serves 432,000 customers from 181 countries.

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From our President

Optica, formerly OSA, is a respected authority in the field of light science and technology. Our global community includes the brightest minds in academia, industry and government who are driving breakthroughs in optics and photonics and solving societal challenges. As a champion of the field, we support the people and work — from laser propulsion in space to fiber optics — that helps to improve lives today and ignite the discoveries of tomorrow.

Connie Chang-Hasnain, 2021 Optica President

Our Core Values: i4

Optica’s values of innovation, integrity, inclusivity and impact (“i4”) underpin all of its activities, and a commitment to excellence and diversity are the hallmarks of its initiatives. Our Core Values (link to new Core Values page) define the principles that guide Optica's mission.  

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Our Leadership

Optica is a “member-driven” society. The most senior governing body is the Board of Directors. Responsibilities for key areas are allocated to topic-specific councils comprised of nominated volunteers.

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Our Future

The 2030 Green Paper outlines the vision for the society and while this document provides an overview of the collective thinking of a range of members and volunteers, it is only a beginning. Our greatest strength is its member-driven collaboration, and the Board encourages each member to add his or her own insights and opinions to the conversation.

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