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The transition to Optica gives us room to grow and progress. While the programs, services and communities we serve quickly expand, we will remain focused on upholding the standards and vision that make us an inclusive, forward-looking organization that strives for the highest quality in all its endeavors.

Four principles guide our work and define our organization.

  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Forefront of Technological Change
  • Inclusively Worldwide
  • Champion of our Field

And supporting every principle is a promise.

To ensure unsurpassed quality - We uphold excellence.  We have been a respected authority on light science and technology for more than a century. As Optica, our new brand continues to honor that legacy and carry the standard of unsurpassed quality into the next century and beyond.

To support being at the forefront of technological change - We empower discovery & innovation.  As a trusted and innovative resource in optics and photonics, we help pave the way for ground-breaking advances in the field. Our Community can continue to rely on our publications, programs, events and advocacy efforts to help them build towards what's next.

To be inclusively global - We connect our worldwide community.  As we’ve grown, our reach and membership have become increasingly global. Today, more than ever, we unite a diverse, international population of students, scientists, engineers and professionals. We invite everyone in our Community to continue forging the connections vital to solve societal challenges through light science and technology.

To be a champion of our field - We advocate for those in our field.  Since our founding, we have been a passionate advocate for talent in our field. We continue to work to grow, support and convene our community.  With our new identity, we are well positioned to engage the next generation of leaders who will drive discoveries today and transform society tomorrow.

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