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Request an Endorsement

Optica is interested in promoting and highlighting meetings that enhance the optics and photonics community and foster a global exchange of optics and photonics research. Optica will frequently endorse the objectives of meetings or conferences organized and sponsored by other organizations. Requests are accepted on an ongoing basis.

We are particularly interested in meetings that:

  • Build capacity around the world
  • Identify emerging or underrepresented topics of broad scientific significance
  • Encourage student and postdoctoral participation
  • Foster interdisciplinary and international exchange and collaboration
  • Meet the high scientific and technical standards of Optica
  • DO NOT conflict (temporally or spatially) with a current Optica Event

Please submit the endorsement request form for consideration. The following requirements must be met:

  • Proposal must be submitted in English to expedite processing and facilitate review by the global membership of the Board of Meetings
  • Proposal must be received prior to the paper submission deadline
  • Proposal should designate an Optica member on the committee to act as liaison
  • English must be an allowable language for presentation
  • Proposal must include a complete committee list and reflect a few invited speakers from outside the region (Please note confirmed or tentative status for each speaker.)
  • Overlap of the committee and invited speakers are limited to no more than 25%
  • Inclusivity is one of Optica’s core values. Proposal should explain how you plan to include people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences. As an example, gender is one measure of diversity. Optica Events strives for one of the chairs and at least 20% of the invited speakers be women.

You will receive a response to your request within two months of receiving the request form.

As a condition of approval, organizers agree to the following:

  • Provide preference on registration and publication prices for Optica Members.
  • Acknowledge Optica on promotional pieces for the meeting.
  • Display Optica provided literature or slides at the meeting.
  • Provide a final report to include an attendee list with complete contact details.

In turn, Optica will: 

  • Avoid any involvement in related meetings in the same geographic region during a set time frame that would conflict with this meeting.
  • List the meeting as an "Optica Endorsed" meeting on our Global Calendar.
  • Include the meeting in a member e-newsletter on the month requested.
  • Permission to use the Optica logo (provided) for promotional materials.

Request Endorsement

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