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Global Meeting Grants

Optica supports the global optics community through a variety of programs. This includes considering requests for meeting grants/sponsorships. Grants are usually modest (under USD 5,000) and are not intended to fully underwrite a meeting. Priority is given to meetings held in developing or underrepresented countries, those focused on emerging topics of interest to the Optica community, and those that align with Optica's strategic goals. View a list of recently supported events. If you have questions please contact us at

What will Optica fund?

Support from Optica is restricted to student prizes or grants to encourage student, invited speaker and/or attendee participation. Optica funds are not available for publications, catering, facility rental or other operational expenses.

Can individuals apply directly for support to attend a meeting/conference?

No, this program provides sponsorship funds/grants directly to meeting organizers, not to individuals. If you are seeking personal travel support for a meeting/conference, please contact the meeting organizers directly.

When are requests due?

Requests are reviewed on a monthly basis, and should be submitted by the 15th of the month. Note - it is recommended that you submit your request 3 - 4 months before your event will take place.

What information is required?

The following information should be submitted to

General Information

  1. Meeting name
  2. Acronym
  3. Dates
  4. Location
  5. Website
  6. Primary contact name
  7. Primary contact affiliation
  8. Primary contact email
  9. Chairperson name (if different from above)
  10. Chairperson affiliation
  11. Chairperson email

Meeting Information

  1. A short description of meeting scope, purpose, topics and target audience
  2. Estimated total attendance
  3. Estimated student attendance
  4. Expected number of presentations (contributed, invited, plenary, tutorial, poster, etc)
  5. Current program committee, with affiliations
  6. Invited speakers with affiliations (please note which are confirmed)
  7. Whether this meeting is one in a series of conferences
  8. The number of attendees at the previous meeting
  9. When did it take place and where
  10. How often the meeting takes place

Funding Request

  1. Amount requested
  2. How the funds will be used
  3. How will Optica be recognized as a sponsor
  4. List of any other co-sponsoring or cooperating organizers, including the type and amount of support they are providing
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