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Connect with Optica Local Sections

Optica Local Sections Objectives

  1. Promote awareness of optical science and optical engineering among the student and local communities;
  2. Facilitate communication and interaction between students, faculty, administration and industry professionals;
  3. Interact with Optica members and its student and local organizations with a focus on information sharing and networking;
  4. Raise awareness of post-graduation opportunities for students; and 
  5. Provide professional development and networking opportunities for all members.

The first Local Section was established in 1916 in Rochester, New York (USA). Today, there are thousands of individual section members located in the 24 Optica Local Sections around the world.

View upcoming Local Sections events here on the Local Sections Events Calendar




If there is a Local Section in your local area, we encourage you to become an active member. If your area does not yet have a section, we are happy to speak with you about starting one in the future.






Email with your questions.


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