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Optica Technical Group Prizes


Optica technical groups bring together members from around the globe to help foster lasting, valuable connections. Each year over 200 Optica members volunteer their time to organize a wide-range of activities to bring their community closer together. In 2023, our technical groups hosted 20+ special events, 10+ virtual activities, and 60 webinar just to name a few. 

In 2020, the Board of Meetings established several prizes to recognize the outstanding work being done by our technical group volunteers. We are pleased to recognize the following groups this year for their efforts in 2023.

Thank you to all of our technical group volunteers for their dedication to fostering a sense of community among their fellow Optica members!

Most Active Technical Group
Short Wavelength Sources and Attosecond/High Field Physics Technical Group

This technical group, led by Balázs Major, is regonized for having the highest number of activities and sharing the most information with its members. The group hosted a total of eight events for its members. In addtion, the group shared over 275 communications with its community

Greatest Growth in Activity
Lasers in Manufacturing Technical Group

This prize recognizes the group that has shown the most improvement in the number of activities or communications in any given year or over the course of a chair's term. In 2023, the prize was awarded to the Lasers in Manufacturing Technical Group led by Qiang Fu.

Most Popular Activity
When and How Will Hollow Core Fiber Be Employed in Fiber Optic Networks at OFC

This event is recognized as our overall most popular activity in 2023 with 196 participants. The event was organized by the Fiber Optics Technology and Applications Technical Group, chaired by Deepak Jain.

Most Popular Activity
Space Week 2023 Celebration

This webinar, hosted by the Space Optics Technical Group, is recognized as our most popular activity based on portion of the community served. The webinar was attended by 139% of the group's primary membership. Hakimeh Mohammadhosseini serves as the chair of the organizing technical group.

Innovation Prize
Optical Fabrication and Testing Technical Group

This prize recognizes a technical group using a new and unique approach to engage their members. In 2023, the prize was awarded to the Optical Fabrication and Testing Technical Group, led by Christopher Holmes, for the creation of their Facility Focus video series.

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