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3 Critical Ways Optica and Its Members Have Battled Climate Change This Year

As 2021 winds down, it’s only natural to reflect upon our efforts and achievements, and when it comes to our work in support of the green economy, this year has been one of increased momentum.

Added: 24 Dec 2021

Optica Corporate Member Profile - Sphere Ultrafast Photonics

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, based in Porto, Portugal, specializes in its own technology for ultrafast pulse measurement and control, called d-scan. The technology’s wide range of applications is supported by the expertise of an international group of scientists and engineers. Optica sat down with Rosa Romero, CEO, and...

Added: 20 Dec 2021

FiO LS 2021 Highlights Latest Developments in the Optical Sciences Providing Opportunities for Focus

The 2021 Frontiers in Optics+Laser Science (FiO LS) conference and exhibition concluded 04 November with more than 1,500 registrants from 75 countries and almost 80 technical sessions with over 650 technical presentations.

Added: 08 Nov 2021

Reflections from the 2020 Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting Fellow

Milton and Rosalind Chang Pivoting Fellowship 2020 recipient Nirmal Punjabi recalls his work toward developing a vibrant optical sensory community of researchers, students, citizen scientists, and many other optical sensor users to develop evidence-based policies for improving healthcare, the environment and other applications. 

Added: 19 Oct 2021

European Members Weigh in on Optica

On 20 September, the organization previously known as The Optical Society transitioned to a new name—Optica—and a new visual identity. We sat down with two active members of the European optics and photonics community, Gabrielle Thomas and Jens Biegert to get their reaction to the news.

Added: 24 Sep 2021

Optica Corporate Member Profile - Ibsen Photonics A/S

Founded in 1991, Ibsen Photonics A/S, based in Farum, Denmark, is a well established developer and manufacturer of transmission gratings and OEM spectrometers. The company thrives among long-term and new customers and provides top-notch customer service. Optica spoke with CEO Henrik Andersen to get some insights into the...

Added: 24 Sep 2021

COVID-19 Relief Work in India

Optica has launched the Global Health Initiative (GHI). A critical project under this new effort focuses specifically on India. Working with the Optica Foundation and ...

Added: 02 Sep 2021

Advocating for Optics and Photonics

OSA Ambassador Julia H. Majors reviews her experience with the Capitol Hill Visits, a year-long program during which OSA members can communicate directly with U.S. senators, representatives and congressional staff. 

Added: 10 Aug 2021

The All-Virtual 2021 OSA Applied Industrial Optics (AIO) Meeting in Review

The 2021 Applied Industrial Optics meeting provided a view into current and future industrial optics and continued to be a source for professional growth and a platform for personal network expansion. This Discover OSA blog article summarizes the week long all-virtual meeting. 

Added: 09 Aug 2021

Virtual OSA Imaging and Sensing Congresses Reveal Advances in Manufacturing Solutions and More

The co-located 2021 OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress, held 19 – 23 July, engaged nearly 1,300 registrants from 59 countries. Visionaries...

Added: 04 Aug 2021

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