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European Members Weigh in on Optica

On 20 September, the organization previously known as The Optical Society transitioned to a new name—Optica—and a new visual identity. We sat down with two active members of the European optics and photonics community, Gabrielle Thomas and Jens Biegert to get their reaction to the news.

Added: 24 Sep 2021

Optica Corporate Member Profile - Ibsen Photonics A/S

Founded in 1991, Ibsen Photonics A/S, based in Farum, Denmark, is a well established developer and manufacturer of transmission gratings and OEM spectrometers. The company thrives among long-term and new customers and provides top-notch customer service. Optica spoke with CEO Henrik Andersen to get some insights into the...

Added: 24 Sep 2021

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