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CLEO 2022 Plenary Speakers Highlight Advancements in Quantum Systems, Optical Imaging, Ultrafast Las

At CLEO 2022, attendees had a chance to hear about the latest laser science and photonics research in many sessions, including plenary sessions featuring five Optica fellows. Read our recap of these exciting plenaries.

Added: 24 May 2022

Rochester Local Section President and Russian Scientist Filipp Ignatovich Shares Impact of War in Uk

Filipp Ignatovich shares how his family and others in Ukraine and Russia have been affected by war and offers a perspective on how to assist victims of the conflict. 

Added: 24 May 2022

Our Future is Light: Celebrating Light Day 2022

Optica celebrates the International Day of Light and the role light plays in our global society through science, culture, art, education and sustainable developmnet. 

Added: 13 May 2022

NIST Scientist Michelle Bailey Talks Optical Sensing of the Atmosphere

Optical scientists are rising to the challenge, deploying atmospheric sensing technologies to measure and monitor pollution on local, regional and global scales, to better understand climate change and its impact on different areas of the world. Read our recap of a recent webinar Optical Sensing of the Atmosphere—From the Laboratory to Global Monitoring.

Added: 13 May 2022

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