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Solutions and Approaches to Break Opto-electronic Device Limitations

Starting from the first talk on general opto-electronic device limit and integration for silicon-based devices, presented by Thomas Koch here at the Nanophotonic Devices Incubator, the potential solutions for both the length minimization and power...

Added: 15 May 2015

Summary and outlook for Light, Energy and the Environment Congress

As a researcher working in the photonics field, I found this Congress was extremely useful. I attended many solar energy related conferences before and I had been always struggling to understand the technique jargons in solar cell research. And I wouldn’t bother to record so many details on thin-film deposition, which are highly equipment dependent. This time I am very glad to find that...

Added: 15 Dec 2014

Day Four: Nobel Laureate addressed Solar Energy in a Sustainable World

In the first plenary session of the Congress today, the Nobel Laureate, Professor Steven Chu presented a talk on “Solar Energy in a Sustainable World”. He reminded the audience that almost all energy formats including fossil fuel, wind, fission, geothermal energy are ultimately derived from the sun. He also raised the very important but often neglected point that from system point...

Added: 15 Dec 2014

Day Three: Panel Discussion-the Future of Energy with Light

Day three of the Congress started with a very fascinating talk given by Toshihiko Iwasaki, Konica Minolta, Japan. He reviewed comprehensively the status of OLED lighting activities at KONICA MINOLTA as well as the advancements in OLED materials and systems. He also presented the latest development on all-phosphorescent white OLED device, progress on solution-processed OLED technologies and the...

Added: 15 Dec 2014

Highlights for Day Two: Light, Energy and Environment Congress

On the second day of the Congress, a number of talks attracted my attention. I would like to share some of them.

Added: 03 Dec 2014

Things you can’t miss on Day Two

On the second day of the Congress, there are a few interesting talks that I will recommend. The first series of invited talks are about advances in highly efficient organic light emitting devices (OLED) that will be in the morning session. Using different nanostructure designs the lightening efficiency can be improved significantly. The second series of invited talks are about the surface...

Added: 03 Dec 2014

Day One of the Light, Energy and Environment Congress

Day one was a busy and exciting day. There were so many things happening. Four parallel sessions were up running. Many interesting talks were given from government officials, vice chancellor of Australian National University, famous professors and early career researchers about the energy issues and using the advanced photonics technology in solving the energy and environment challenges. I met...

Added: 02 Dec 2014

Things you can’t miss on Day One: OSA PV conference

Now we are on business here in Canberra. After a few thunderstorms last night, today’s weather is sunny and warm. It is perfect for the Conference!

Added: 01 Dec 2014

Starting Now: OSA Light, Energy and the Environment Congress

The Congress is starting today! With four featured topical meetings, the Congress is going to provide you the most comprehensive and advanced frontiers of optical technologies for energy production, transport, and usage. It’s going to be a feast for photonics lovers, who are longing to see the great impact of optics and photonics in the energy sector. As a researcher in the photonics...

Added: 01 Dec 2014

Dream Frequency-comb Applications Become Reality

It’s been 15 years since the seminal papers demonstrating phase-stable self-referenced frequency combs invigorated the fields of optical metrology and precision molecular spectroscopy, from which numerous fundamental measurements in atomic, molecular, and optical physics have evolved. This achievement was recognized for its significance in 2005 when Theodor Hänsch, Max Planck...

Added: 21 Nov 2014

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