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Things you can’t miss on Day Two

Baohua Jia

On the second day of the Congress, there are a few interesting talks that I will recommend. The first series of invited talks are about advances in highly efficient organic light emitting devices (OLED) that will be in the morning session. Using different nanostructure designs the lightening efficiency can be improved significantly. The second series of invited talks are about the surface textures and light management in solar cells. New ideas/concepts on nanostructure design and fabrication will be presented on how to improve the solar cell performance using the photonic strategies. This session will be from 2-4pm.

The real highlight of Day Two is the poster session from 6:30-8:00pm. The poster session is normally my favourite part of a conference. Lots of questions that we normally don’t have the opportunity to ask during an oral presentation can be asked. Many details of experiments/simulations can be dug out. Also some personal links can be set up during the conversion in the poster session. So please make your time to attend it and get the best from it.

My talk will be presented in the morning, which is on graphene oxide thin film as a reflection coating layer for silicon solar cells. It provides a low cost, effective and scalable strategy for antireflection coating, which can potentially replace the conventional SiNx layer for low cost solar cells.

There is a special lecture at 4:30pm from Professor Roland Winston, UCMerced, on electromagnetism, gravity and thermodynamics that are calling students of all ages!
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