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Cool Materials: Day 4 of AIO 2015

Chauncey Graetzel presents


The final day of AIO 2015 kicked off with the 'Cool Materials' session. Chauncey Graetzel (Optotune Switzerland AG, USA) presented the...

Added: 17 Jun 2015

Optics in detecting threats, patents and more: AIO Day 3

Derryck Reid presents


Derryck Reid (Heriot-Watt University, UK) opened Day 3 at the Joint Session with ...

Added: 11 Jun 2015

What you can do with spectroscopy and more - AIO Day 2

Thomas Tague presents


Thomas Tague (Brucker Optics Inc, USA) opened the first Applied...

Added: 10 Jun 2015

Applied Industrial Optics Day 1

Dominic Murphy opening remarks

The first session of ...

Added: 09 Jun 2015

11 Reasons to Love the Applied Industrial Optics Meeting

The countdown to the meeting begins!

 Countdown to applied industrial optics


Added: 04 Jun 2015

Image for keeping the session alive