AIO 2017: Focus on Dr. Arsen Hajian, Hindsight Imaging Inc, USA

By Cushla McGoverin

What do you think people will learn from your talk as a take-home lesson?
There are many problems that are poorly met or completely unmet using traditional spectroscopy methods.  Hindsight Imaging offers technologies and products that will help alleviate the bottlenecks that have prevented optical spectroscopy from being a more useful modality for sensing. 
What do you spend most of your time doing?
As the founder and CEO of Hindsight Imaging, I spend most of my time building the company.
When are you most fully yourself?
When I am able to work unimpeded on Hindsight's future.
Where would you like to see your research in 5 years?
I would like to see the fruits of my work resulting in the pervasive use of optical spectroscopy to solve problems that really need a solution.
Which companies should be interested in your research and why?
Anyone who is involved in optical spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy and remote sensing. 
Is there a single word or phrase that would describe you?
What motivates you to do what you do?
An innate desire to improve the technology that mankind relies on to extend our senses and to better understand our universe. 
Where does your passion come from?
My family, and my family history. 
What do you think makes AIO meeting a remarkable meeting? Why do you think AIO is a useful meeting to attend?
Science and technology are fascinating to me and to many people.  What makes AIO so special is that when technology is applied to real problems, it is all that much more important and impactful.  AIO is an excellent forum for this reason.
What is the question that you wish the attendees asked you after your talks and they never ask?
Many people ask us how Hindsight Imaging products can be used to improve the current products they have.  I wish more people would ask us about how completely new markets can be opened up with Hindsight's spectral imaging capabilities.  I understand that this direction is riskier than improving existing products, but the rewards are much higher.


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