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OPTO-Meeting 2016

Gdańsk University of Technology OSA Student Chapter

The OPTO-Meeting 2016 was held at Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland, between 6th-9th July 2016. There were 84 participants from 6 countries: students, young researchers, and professors. The organizing committee consisted of: Aleksandra Wieloszyńska, Agnieszka Szreder, Aleksandra Kamińska, Wojciech Den, Anna Sękowska, Michał Trojanowski, Mateusz Ficek, Maciej Wróbel. Our sponsors were: OSA, SPIE, ASTE, OptiNav, Inntec, Olympus, Gdańsk University of Technology and others. Thanks to funding from OSA – Centennial Special Events Grant, it was possible to reduce conference fee, to organize some extra networking events, and to finance more awards for the best presentations. The program was packed tight with numerous events.

Participants had opportunity to listen lectures given by the word-renewed specialists: Professor Glenn Boreman, SPIE President-Elect, from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA (title of the lecture: Career Advice), Professor Valery Tuchin from Saratov State University, Russian (title of the lecture: Tissue Optics and Optical Clearing), Professor Igor Meglinski from University of Oulu, Finland (title of the lecture: Propagation of coherent polarized light in turbid tissue-like scattering medium), Professor Jerzy Pluciński from Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland (title of the lecture: Optoelectronics at Gdańsk University of Technology in the past, today and in the future), and Karol Karnowski, PhD from University of Western Australia (title of the lecture: Developmental studies on mouse oocytes with optical coherence tomography). It was 7 student sessions with 32 oral presentations and one poster session with 30 posters. Student talks were 15 minutes. Between the sessions, there are coffee breaks and lunches. During them, students had opportunity to discuss among themselves and to talk with professors. Besides, participants took part in lab tour. They visited laboratory such as: Optical Coherence Tomography Lab, Immersive 3D Visualizations Lab, Laboratory of Innovative Materials, Anechoic Chamber Lab, Computer Communications Department, and Academic Computer Center. Some of participants had occasion to take part in Workshop about planning, sketching and delivering comprehensible presentations in an interesting way conducted by Piotr Wasylczyk, PhD, from University of Warsaw.

Besides student sessions and lectures, participants could take part in some social events. The first conference evening we spent in Autsajder Club in Gdańsk. It was a great occasion to talk with other students and professor in a relaxed atmosphere. The second event was in Bunkier Club in Gdańsk. It is a bunker, which is why there is a special atmosphere conductive to integration with others. In the evening of the third day was the banquet. It held in main building of the Gdańsk University of Technology. During the event, awards for the best presentations were distributed. Five students received the award for the best oral presentation and five students received the award for the best poster presentation. The last day was social day, during which there was an outdoor game held in the Gdańsk. The participants had occasion to visit historical places in Gdańsk. Besides, they had to do some tasks which checked their efficiency, collaboration in the group and their knowledge.
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