Marketing Optical Technologies in a Virtual Environment – the OIDA Technology Showcase

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Innovative products from leading global companies took center stage during the 2nd Virtual OIDA Technology Showcase held 1 – 3 December 2020. The three-day program featured 29 companies, members of the OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA). They presented their cutting-edge technologies under six themes –instrumentation and metrology, imaging and microscopy, fiber optics and communications, services, precision optics and components and precision sources.

Caption: Sara Gabba, Manager, Analysis, Intelligence and Strategic Marcom, II-VI.

In a presentation on datacenter interconnects, Sara Gabba, Manager, Analysis, Intelligence and Strategic Marcom, II-VI, described the company’s automated solution for next generation 400G DCI connections. The POLS is a ‘zero RU’ line system, which shrinks a traditional pizza box into a pluggable module.

Lowering barriers to technology adoption was the focus of a talk by Dan Deptuck, Staff Scientist, Optoelectronics Engineering, CMC Microsystems. Design tools, platform technologies and training are among the products and services the company offers to increase the innovation capability of researchers and companies. Dustin Roth, Sales Engineer, SCHOTT North America Advanced Optics, displayed the company’s new phosphor ceramic converters for efficient light conversion. The static ceramic converters offer a compact light source solution, while dynamic converters enable high luminance applications such as digital projectors.

Other companies that participated in the 2nd Technology Showcase included Hamamatsu, Ligentec, Santec, Source Photonics and TRUMPF. The event drew 729 registrants from 42 countries.

Caption: Will Land, Business Development Manager, Aerotech, Inc. 

“We expect to have a greater impact supporting OIDA member companies interested in participating in future events,” said Simin Cai, President and CEO of Go!Foton, USA and OIDA Council Chair. “With limited travel due to the covid-19 pandemic, the biggest missing piece for industry is the ability to connect in-person. We have utilized virtual technologies including online breakout rooms for more interactions in a relaxed setting.”

The 1st Virtual Technology Showcase, held 18 – 20 August 2020 featured nine companies -- Aerotech, Inc., USA; Corning Optical Communications, USA; DenseLight Semiconductors, Singapore; EXFO, Canada; Intivac Thin Film, USA; LightPath Technologies, USA; MPB Communications, Canada; Optiwave, Canada; and Optosigma, USA.  

In describing Aerotech’s services, Will Land, Business Development Manager, said the company provides high-precision components to fully customized systems to make motion and automation challenges easier to overcome. Dr. Merrion Edwards, Director of Marketing and Technology Development at Corning, demonstrated the company’s smaller, denser and faster fiber cables and connectivity solutions. These products, she said, are critical to the ongoing development of 5G in particular and the Internet of Things. Rajan Rajgopal, President and CEO of DenseLight Semiconductors, a global company based in Singapore, said his company had the opportunity to expand its customer base through OIDA’s network.

The on-demand recordings for the 1st Showcase can be found here. Recordings for the 2nd Showcase are available here. If your company is interested in participating in an upcoming Technology Showcase, contact


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