AIO 2019: The Panels

By Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland

One of the highlights of the Applied Industrial Optics meeting each year are the panels and this year will be no different. AIO will have two panels this year: ‘Small Business, Big Optics’ and ‘Optics on the Hill’.

Join panellists, Ben Schrag (National Science Foundation), Ron Shiri (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), and Holly Ricks-Laskoski (US Naval Research Laboratory) for Small Business, Big Optics. This panel will promote individual programs or offerings and provide background on topics such as calls for proposals, acceptance criteria, funding levels, aims of the programs, and technical focus.

Optics on the Hill will be a discussion of public policy, advocacy, and the vital promotional role the optics community plays in the broader political landscape. This panel will be led by David Lang (The Optical Society), Gerald T. Fraser (National Institutes of Standards and Technology), and Tanya Das (US House of Representatives).

Monday and Tuesday afternoons will be undoubtedly be full of insightful discussion.




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