AIO 2019: The Invited Speakers

By Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland

The invited speakers of this year’s Applied Industrial Optics meeting cover a wide array of interesting topics. There will be talks describing developments in sensors for aerosols, sensor systems using tuneable micro-electro-mechanical systems vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, and microstructured optical fibres for extreme sensing. Laser systems and CMOS imagers for aerospace applications will be presented. Advances in optical technologies for healthcare diagnostics, a new optofluidic engine for ophthalmic applications, technology to faithfully represent human vision, and the utilisation of two-photon polymerisation for the manufacture of an adaptive optic model eye will be detailed. New developments in electronic-photonic systems and architectures, wafer level integrated sensors, adaptive polymer lenses, electrowetting adaptive optical devices, and on-chip digital Fourier transform spectrometers will be outlined. Methods for remote electric power delivery via high power lasers, the reproduction of natural light in interior environments, and beam management for laser machining will be chronicled. Finally, polygon scanning technology, double-clad fibre couplers and wideband multimode circulators for imaging will be reported on. The broad range of applications and technologies that will be presented by the invited speakers illustrate the utility of optics in industry and the value of the AIO meeting.


Posted: 5 July 2019 by Cushla McGoverin, University of Auckland | with 0 comments

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