AIO 2018: Another New Exciting and Interactive Dimension to Applied industrial Optics 2018

By By Cushla McGoverin

Applied Industrial Optics 2018 continues its tradition of having a program presented by individuals from widely varying sectors. New to AIO 2018 will be demonstrations of the technologies presented as part of the program. Attendees will have the chance to see a cryogenic system, a VECSEL laser, adaptive lenses, an optical coherence tomography system, fiber optic sensing systems, sensor probes for combustion dynamic monitoring and devices for “point-of-cow” testing.

  • Aaron Miller (Quantum Opus, LLC, USA) will show us how to reach 1.7 K using the world’s first “desktop” one-button cryogenic system.
  • Stefano Bonora (CNR-INFM, Italy) will demonstrate wavefront correction and far field beam shaping with a system that includes a multi actuator adaptive lens in closed loop control with a Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor working at 400Hz.  
  • Chris Hessenius (University of Arizona & TPhotonics Inc., USA) will demonstrate VECSEL lasers developed by TPhotonics Inc. and the University of Arizona that allow generation of tuneable two-colour emission, sum and difference frequency generation while operating at room temperature with no need for water-cooling.
  • John Berthold (Davidson Instruments, Inc., USA) will show us several of Davidson Instruments sensor probes and describe the configurations used to monitor combustion dynamics in gas turbine combustors.
  • Cather Simpson (University of Auckland & Engender Technologies Ltd. & Orbis Diagnostics Ltd.) will demonstrate Orbis Diagnostics “point-of-cow” diagnostic technology that is an amalgamation of centrifugal microfluidics, optical imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Hon (Patrick) Chan (NASA Armstrong Flight Research, USA) will show the next generation of fibre optics sensing systems from NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, which are based on optical frequency domain reflectrometery.
  • Adam Wax (Lumedica, Inc., USA) will demonstrate the imaging capabilities of Lumedica’s low cost optical coherence tomography system.
  • Imran Khan (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light & InfiniQuant, Germany) will exhibit his team’s quantum random number generator, which is based on homodyne detection of the quantum vacuum state of light.
  • Erik Bottcher (NYFORS, Sweden) will demonstrate several advanced fiber preparation steps such as precision cleaving, end face/cleave check inspection and high quality recoating, and CO2 laser spliced multi fiber splices, large end cap splices and taper/bundle splicing for combiner manufacturing applications.
These demonstrations add a new interactive dimension to AIO. We anticipate they will be both enjoyable and highly informative. We look forward to seeing you in two weeks.


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