2nd Edition of FunOptics: Óptica Divertida

By OSA Campina Student Chapter

The 2nd Edition of FunOptics: Óptica Divertida, realized by OSA Campina Student Chapter, was held at Escola Dr. Hortêncio de Sousa Ribeiro (a state high school in our city, Campina Grande, Brazil) counting with the participation of 30 students of the 1st year of high school.
The goal of this event was to give opportunity to students who are not part of our university (UEPB) body to get in touch with phenomena related to Physical Optics, Photonics and technologies used in related fields such as Materials Science and Forense Optics. The event took into account activities performed by the students with the Optics Suitcase provided by OSA, experimental demonstrations and a lecture developed by our Chapter, showing direct application of optics in daily life. We aimed to show the students the researches being done in laboratories, and updates in Optics Science.
The 2nd Edition of FunOptics: Ótptica Divertida was held on school grounds, and each participating student received one kit (in which there were a periodic table, a liquid crystal sheet and polarizers) that they could take home at the end of the event. The lecture was entitled O Papel da Óptica em Nossas Vidas (The Role of Optics in Our Lives). It was followed by experimental activities including the concepts of light and energy, nanoparticles (where the students used the hot snapz), semiconductor physics (where they used the silicone wafer of the Optics Suitcase), the liquid crystal magic sheet and light polarization using a polariscope. It was really a great time and the everyone loved it!


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