Starting a New Tradition

By Purdue University OSA Student Chapter

Our chapter organized the 1st annual conference on Micro & Nano-scale Science for Addressing Grand Challenges: Advancing Technology with Light at Purdue University. The conference featured talks by graduate students and postdocs working in the broad field of nanotechnology. The talks covered several topics including: quantum photonics, thermal science, life science, sustainable energy and advanced laser-based nanomanufacturing. Over 80 students and researchers registered to attend the conference. The speakers discussed their contributions to the field and what grand challenges are still being based in that research field. 

After the talks, we had a poster session, which was subsequently followed by a banquet. During the banquet, we had a general talk on “surprising nanophotonic phenomena in nature” by Professor Peter Bermel. The talk discussed several optical phenomena such as rainbows, mirage, as well as surpassing optical effects that can occur when light propagates in a media with negative refractive index. During the banquet we also served dinner to all the participants. Finally we had the cutting of a cake to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Optical Society. The event was well received by the Purdue community.

This event promoted interactions between students and all the attendees were able to learn about the research challenges being encountered in other research fields. Furthermore all the talks were recorded and will soon be available for viewing on nanohub. In this manner, we hope to disseminate the information not only to within the Purdue community, but to the world. Our chapter’s vision is that this legacy that took-off from celebrating 100 years of innovation in Optics and Photonics will continue as an annual event to promote more interaction among researchers and transfer of knowledge. Thank you to OSA for providing us the Centennial Special Events Grant to make this event possible.


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