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By XIOPM OSA Student Chapter

The XIOPM Student Chapter of The Optical Society held an event on April 27-29 titled, “National Doctoral Academic Forum on Optics and Photonics,” to commemorate The Optical Society’s Centennial. To join the celebration, professors at University of Auckland, University of Science and Technology of China, National Tsing Hua University and students from around 30 universities and institutes were invited to participate in the National Doctoral Academic Forum on Optics and Photonics, as well as in other key activities, such as: lab tours, group photos, awards for best presentations, a Centennial celebration of OSA, and so on.

The celebration invited key speakers including Professor Howard Carmichael from University of Auckland in New Zealand, whose expertise in Quantum optics theory and the theory of open quantum system, Professor Ci-Ling Pan and Professor Yu-Ao Chen from National Tsing Hua University and University of Science and Technology, respectively, helping paint a picture of how far the fields of optics and photonics had progressed since the society’s founding in 1916.

In the morning on 28th April, Academician Xun Hou of Chinese Academy of Sciences gave the welcome remark. Then the President of our OSA chapter An Pan gave a student representative speech.
“The OSA, its full name is The Optical Society, whose mission is to promote the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and photonics and to disseminate this knowledge worldwide. Since 1916, OSA has been the world’s leading champion for optics and photonics to foster and promote technical and professional development. It has two hundred and seventy thousand members in 175 countries so far. OSA’s commitment to excellence and long-term learning is the driving force behind all its initiatives. And luckily, this year is the centennial celebration of the OSA. Happy birthday to OSA!” said An Pan, president of the XIOPM OSA Student Chapter. “Our OSA student chapter was found in last October, from originally 6 members to now around 40 members in such a short term. And we’ve done plenty of activities, such as Symposium, Doctoral forum, Girls' Day and this conference, as shown in our display panel outside, which aims to provide a platform for chapter members to exchange life and research experience. In the future we plan to do more activities, for instance, the debate competition, Social Practice, skiing and so forth. And hopefully, we can hold such conference a second time with more foreign students joining.”

In the afternoon, 30 doctoral students reported at three different conference halls. After their reports, the OSA student member showed the guests around Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition Hall of XIOPM. Then we cut the birthday cake together at dinner.

The conference XIOPM 2016 has achieved full success in the cheers and laughter and we are grateful for the Centennial Special Events Grant and the Traveling Lecturer Program.


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