Motivating to Pursue Your Dreams

By International School of Photonics Student Chapter

Professor Kishan Dholakia’s visit was really a great experience for the students of International School of Photonics. His lectures were really informative and impressive speaking on the scale of his presentation skills. There were three illuminating lectures, each of them being interesting in its own ways as the titles: 1. Lights, Camera, Action: Optics in Healthcare, 2. Shaped Beams and Applications for Biomedical Imaging, 3. Let Light Move You: Optical Manipulation.

His greatest attribute was his simplicity and pleasant manners which encouraged our students to interact with him as freely as they could. The highlight of his visit was really the interactive session during which he encouraged us to open up and be ourselves. He motivated us with his words and experiences and advised us to work harder and pursue our dreams with an untiring and focused attitude, and to nullify every obstacle with determination.

The students also got a chance to get enlightened and directed in their respective fields of interest and he was able to clarify their doubts and to encourage them to move forward exploring new possibilities. He was also ready to discuss with students regarding the possible opportunities for higher studies and research and also regarding the funding possibilities for their research works. Professor Dholakia spent time with students playing mind games and was really able to make each and every student to participate in the interactive session with a greater vigor and accelerated interest. His technicalities and efficiency, moreover his simplicity and encouraging words had really influenced the students. There would not be even a student who wouldn't wish to have a guide like him to mentor them for their research works. Not only he asked our OSA student chapter officers to have more and better activities so as to intensify student participation and outreach but also he advised us to make use of the online library facilities and other added benefits for our own good.

He also devoted his valuable time in scrutinizing the laboratory facilities available for our students so that he could understand how our students are being trained for their future in photonics and also interacted with the PhD students and discussed their works in depth. He was always ready with valuable suggestions and immense motivation for all who were ready to open up their doubts to him. One of the greatest thing that he urged everyone was to develop a cooperative mind and to interact with people working in different area because he is of the belief that cooperative utilities of our abilities would help to complete our works faster and help us to excel in what we do. He was also deliberant in sharing his own experiences in University of St. Andrews, his home university and regarding the IYL celebrations there. We also got a chance to share our activities as a part of the IYL celebrations with him. He appreciated our efforts and encouraged our activities to take newer levels of excellence.

The Traveling Lecturer Program is having great impact on the student chapters as well as student community by enabling us to be in contact with renowned scientists around the globe.


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