Awarding New Ideas

By OSA Student Chapter of Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

OSA Student Chapter of Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur conducted a student oriented conference titled, 'OSA Young Student Congress on Photonic Technologies' on April 16-17, 2016. It was a one and a half day event which began in the afternoon of April 16 and ended in the evening of April 17. We received around 30 papers from students at our institute as well as from other institutions. The reviewing committee consisted of esteemed professors where they selected 15 papers for oral presentation and other 15 for poster presentation. The event started with a 30 minutes presentation on OSA and our student chapter, given by Mr. Abhishek Godbole, President of OSA Student Chapter, MNIT Jaipur. Then we had a Skype session with Mr. Sripadaraja of Sridutt Technologies who explained to the attendees about the Lumerical Simulation tool which is widely used for simulation and modeling of optical devices. Following the session, we had a poster presentation competition among the participants. Out of the 15 posters we received, two of them were awarded best posters and received a prize. On the second day, we began with a welcome note from our faculty advisor Dr. Ghanshyam Singh. Then we had four expert lectures each of 45 minutes. The lectures were on varied topics such as Optics/Photonics, document preparation using LaTeX, Optical Wireless Communication and Art of manuscript preparation and submission in reputed journals. It was a great learning experience for the participants as they got exposed to such varied and important topics. After that we organized a quiz competition for the participants. The questions were based on fiber optic communication and photonic devices. Around 40 students took part in the quiz and the top three were awarded a prize. Then we had oral presentations from the participants which were judged by esteemed Professors of MNIT Jaipur. Two of the top presenters were awarded a prize. This event was well received by the participants and was a great learning process for the organizers. Members of our student chapter gained a lot from organizing this event and we look forward to conduct such activities in future also. We are grateful to OSA for providing us the Centennial Special Events Grants which helped us to organize this event without any inconvenience.


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