Awesome Optics at AIO

By Arlene Smith, Ph.D.

The final session - Mathematics in Action - did not disappoint, and enticed many of our Imaging Systems and Applications friends to join the meeting. Dr Douglas Elmore (3M) presented his work on vibrational spectroscopy. Vibrational spectra are rich in chemical and physical information, which can be used for classification, feasibility assessment, quantitative modeling and kinetics. Next, Dr Changhuei Yang (California Institute of Technology) spoke about using Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy to overhaul traditional microscopy along the cost and efficiency axes. This form of high-throughput microscopy, with high resolution and large field of view capabilities, could potentially provide pathology solutions in third world countries. Following on from this work, Dr Guoan Zhang (University of Conneticutdiscussed a Fourier Ptychographic as a cost-effective approach for gigapixel microscopy, phase imaging and super-resolution imaging.

With that, the sun set on another Applied Industrial Optics meeting, and attendees packed their bags and boarded the Light Rail to Sea-Tac Airport. This was my first AIO meeting, and it surely won't be the last. Each day, I was struck by the relaxed, informal approach of the session presiders and panel moderators. This set the tone for the meeting and encouraged active participation from the attendees, whether in Q&A with a speaker, interacting with a panel, or simply sticking around when there was a change in schedule and joining in the conversation.

I'm excited for AIO 2015.

Applied Industrial Optics Seattle


Posted: 24 July 2014 by Arlene Smith, Ph.D. | with 0 comments

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