Traveling Lecturer: Learning Beyond the Lab

By Lund University OSA Student Chapter, Sweden

Antigone presented her 'skill bill' lecture about the importance of developing additional skills during your education and career in order to further it. The reasons and the way of furthering were not the classical idea of financial gain or prestige but more about your personal best and what you as individuals would be happiest doing as well as how to further the quality of the work. 

The talk was engaging and entertaining while being informative and suited the audience very well. People were very pleased with the nature of the talk and appreciated having someone more experienced from the field being so honest and warm. 

In addition to the talk we also presented the chapter and Antigone seemed very impressed with the volume of things we have done expescially as a small chapter. We also had lunch and coffee with great discussions and showed Antigone various research labs in the physics department.


Posted: 2 March 2017 by Lund University OSA Student Chapter, Sweden | with 0 comments

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