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2023 Annual Report

Central to the mission of the Optica Foundation is the fundamental belief in actively cultivating the next generation of optics and photonics leaders. For over two decades, we’ve expanded our support, transforming innovative pilot programs into enduring initiatives that build a dynamic workforce of scientists, engineers, and business professionals.

This report celebrates the achievements of our community – donors, beneficiaries, and those who serve as mentors and leaders. We hope you enjoy reading a few stories highlighting the transformative power of a community in action focused on turning individual success into global achievements.

Optics and photonics stand at the forefront of technological progress,driving solutions to global challenges, sparking discovery, and connecting people worldwide. Our collective effort propels those in our field and lays the groundwork for incredible advances in light-based technology. Thank you for being a crucial part of the foundation and empowering us to impact the next generation positively.;

- Optica Foundation Board of Directors

Read the full annual report below or individually view the Next Generation Stories series featuring, short articles with perspectives from donors and beneficiaries on the impact of the foundation:

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