Just in AIO 2017: Two panel sessions, “The View from the Ladder: Perceptions on the Future of Photonics” and “Start-ups, Incubators, Accelerators, Oh My!”

By Cushla McGoverin

This year we will host two panel sessions. Greg Quarles (OSA Chief Scientist) will introduce the first session (“The View from the Ladder: Perceptions on the Future of Photonics” on Tuesday, 27 June) regarding the future of photonics. This panel will focus on where optics is headed though the eyes of individuals at different stages of their career. Here panelists at various stages in their career and seniority will discuss the current and future outlook of the photonics industry as well as the role of collaboration and consolidation in the market.  From fresh perspectives to seasoned analyses, this session will also explore what the optics community can do to shape the future of photonics technology.

Another panel on Wednesday, 28 June, taps into the investor’s mindset to offer guidance for successfully pitching photonics technology. This panel (“Start-ups, Incubators, Accelerators, Oh My!”) will begin with an introduction by Dr. Laura Smoliar, co-founder of the Berkeley Catalyst Fund. We hope you will join us for these interactive networking events!

AIO Committee YP, Cushla McGoverin, interviews AIO 2017 Invited Speaker and Panelist, Dr. Anna Rissanen about her experiences in development and commercialization of novel sensing applications. Dr. Rissanen will present at AIO on Tuesday, June 27 at 8:30am.

What do you think people will learn from your talk as a take-home lesson?
It takes R&D co-operation and a suitable value chain of industrial partners to successfully develop novel sensing applications.

What do you spend most of your time doing?
I interact with different companies who want to commercialize novel technologies.

When are you most fully yourself?
In the forest with my Labrador retriever.

Where would you like to see your research in 5 years?
I would like to see our research in various sensing products out in the markets.

Which companies should be interested in your research and why?
Small, agile start-ups that can move swiftly through novel product generation cycle. Large international companies looking to refresh their technology or product portfolio.

Is there a single word or phrase that would describe you?

What motivates you to do what you do?
Seeing the business and societal impact through novel applications and products.

Where does your passion come from?
I like challenges that require not just the technical knowhow but understanding how it could make a difference.

What do you think makes AIO meeting a remarkable meeting? Why do you think AIO is a useful meeting to attend?
AIO brings together experts in optics and sensing with an industrial point-of-view. There’s potential to generate contacts for future.

What is the question that you wish the attendees asked you after your talks and they never ask?
What does it take to generate technology that has commercialization potential?


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