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By Yerevan State University & Nat'l Academy of Sciences

Camp “Physics and We: Lightning the Optics” was held on 8-12 of August in Byurakan, Armenia. More than 200 people applied for participation, and 40 of them were chosen based on their applications and online interviews. Participants were mainly students from various universities, as well as high school students of different regions of Armenia. First two days, 8th and 9th of August were focused on theoretical part of Optics and its applications in different fields: nanophysics, telecommunications, holography. Lecturers were from different institutions of Armenia: Gagik Buniatyan - director of LT-Pyrkal, Arthur Kirakosyan, Tigran Dadalyan, Ashkhen Arakelyan - Yerevan State University (YSU), Hayk Sarkisyan and David Hayrapetyan - Russian-Armenian University (RAU), Smbat Gogyan - Institute of Mathematics, NAS, as well as Vahe Tshitoyan - University of Cambridge, Tatevik Chalyan - University of Trento. In addition to the lectures, special workshop on “Mathematica” computational program and its applications in Physics, was held by Davit Hayrapetyan. During following three days, 10-12th of August, participants of the camp were divided into 6 groups based on their choices mentioned in application: Rocket engineering, CNC and 3D printing, Android applications and Physics, Robotics, Measuring equipment, Modeling of Physical Processes on Computer. Each group was supervised by a senior student. During camp, each group was working on particular project or problem. Most of the supervisors and organizers were members of OSA Armenian chapter’s. A visit to Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory was organized on 11th of August. Participants had opportunity to visit biggest telescope (2.6m diameter) of Armenia, museum of famous Armenian Astrophysicist Victor Hambardzumyan. At last but not at least, special lectures on contemporary problems of Astrophysics was held by director of observatory Hayk Harutyunyan, Tigran Magakian, Ruben Andreasyan, Abraham Mahtesyan.

Totally, more than 20 lecturers (both professors and young professionals) and group supervisors took part in camp. During camp a workshop on blogging and scientific journalism was organized. Participants wrote scientific articles which will be published in “Physics is for Everyone” blog and website. Each evening campers and their supervisors were playing various intellectual and sport games, competing their minds and brains. Special “egg drop competition” was organized, bringing fun not only to the participants, but lecturers as well. Every evening astronomical observations were offered by organizers, using two telescopes, observing the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Galaxy of Andromeda, different bright stars such as Vega, Arcturus and Deneb. The last evening of the camp was celebration of birthday of OSA. Special cake was served to participants for this purpose. Later, the campfire was set. Participants were singing their favorite and famous songs, discussing science, life and universe. Closing ceremony was held on 12th of August, just before leaving camp place. Every group presented their own projects. Afterwards, one member from each group, who had the best educational progress during camp in opinion of his supervisor, was awarded. Before leaving camp “Rocket engineering” group launched their rocket “Amazon”. According to lecturer David Hayrapetyan (PhD): “This was great event for not only participants, but for us also. Gathering the youth together and making them study, work and relax together breaks the walls of formal education, influencing to their education positively. It is definitely worthy to be continued”. “Such an event made connections between students of different fields. Future collaboration would be great product of this event, which had that purpose in my opinion”, added Sofia Harutyunyan, student from branch of Armenian State Polytechnical University of Gyumri. On September representatives of the groups will visit public places and schools, demonstrating their projects. More information can be found on webpage The information on the website now is accessible only in Armenian, but English version will be available soon.

Thank you to OSA for providing the Centennial Special Events Grant.


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