Recruiting the Future

By OSA UANL Student Chapter

During the first week of the Spring Semester, OSA UANL Student Chapter organized an Invitational Session on the UANL Physics building main Hall. Officers and Student members offered an attractive talk about the experience, benefits and responsibilities of being an OSA member in order to invite graduate and undergraduate students to join the OSA UANL Student Chapter as an OSA Student member. 

Topics and semester activities were discussed like the "OSA UANL Optical Workshops 2016", a week in which Student members have the opportunity to give, propose or call for a presentation, workshop or brief talk that empowers their knowledge, their professional life, their networking connections and more. 

Another activity was the "OSA UANL 24 Hours Challenge", a contest in which the OSA UANL Student Chapter invites graduate and undergraduate students to form 5 people teams in order to solve scientific or industry issues proposed by a selected jury of faculty members and Industry CEOs or representatives. This activity boosts the student’s professional network by connecting them with the Industry or with faculty members.

As a science divulgation activity, our Chapter also exposed the "OSA UANL Student Chapter Alfa Institute Project" in which OSA UANL Student members will have the opportunity to organize a mini-congress for the Alfa Foundation High School students in the Alfa Planetarium, which has an IMAX Dome screen for a plenary session and space for OSA Educational Poster presentations. 

At the end, OSA UANL Student Chapter’s Officers and members answered questions from the audience regarding the monthly magazines, grants and support received by the OSA, Officers and members personal experiences, the Networking experience provided by OSA Congresses and topical meetings and took some proposals. 

To finalize the event, pizza and beverages were offered after the talk, giving more time for the audience to talk closely with officers and members about any regards. Thanks to this activity and the OSA close advisory, we achieved the renewal and subscription of a total of 17 members, increasing dramatically our ranks. 

We want to give a special and thankful mention to Professor Arturo A. Castillo, OSA UANL Student Chapter Advisor and Dean of the Industrial Physics Engineering Graduate Program; Prof. Romeo de Jesús Selvas, Director of the Physics and Mathematics Graduate Programs; and John Taylor Manager of Membership Programs of The Optical Society for all his exceptional support. #OSA100


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