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AIO 2018: Focus on Dr. Chris Hessenius, TPhotonics Inc, USA

Cushla McGoverin

What do you think people will learn from your talk as a take-home lesson?
Just a reminder that small details can lead to important results.
What do you spend most of your time doing?
Working. 8-12 hours per day – 7 days a week.
When are you most fully yourself?
Whenever I am building things. At home or in the lab, I am always the most comfortable when putting things together.
Where would you like to see your research in 5 years?
Out of the lab and making contributions to other research or industries.
Which companies should be interested in your research and why?
TPhotonics is building lasers with unique properties that are either not commercially available or are traditionally large, complicated, custom built, and expensive. Any company that is looking for new ideas or new solutions I would hope would stop by and talk with us.
Is there a single word or phrase that would describe you?
What motivates you to do what you do?
The challenge. When things don’t work or a solution is needed, coming up with new ideas is very satisfying.
Where does your passion come from?
Everywhere. When you look around and see some of the things other people are building or doing. How can you not want to contribute your part?
What do you think makes AIO meeting a remarkable meeting? Why do you think AIO is a useful meeting to attend?
I believe this is a unique meeting due to the emphasis placed on transferring research into real world applications. Often times researchers are focused on lab work and forget the needs that are driving their work. Interacting with others that could use your expertise or perhaps provide additional insight is very exciting.
What is the question that you wish the attendees asked you after your talks and they never ask?
Why? It sounds simple, but people never seem to ask why we do things the way we do.
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