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AIO 2019: What is Applied Industrial Optics?

By Cushla McGoverin, OSA Member, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Applied Industrial Optics (AIO) is a multidisciplinary meeting that focuses on innovative photonics research and its commercial impact.  The meeting is largely comprised of high quality invited speakers from diverse backgrounds speaking on a variety of topics. While the program committee strives to maintain a strong corporate presence in the program, presenters from academic institutions and governmental labs are invited to discuss emerging technologies that are exciting and ripe for commercialization. Since 2018, demonstrations of technology during a presentation are permitted and encouraged (talks are marked demonstration and adequate time is allotted to the session for audience participation).  This provides a great opportunity to showcase new technology to a diverse audience.

One of the keystones to the success of AIO is its discussions. In addition to spirited Q&A’s during the talks, AIO hosts panel sessions and networking events aimed at fostering dialog and new collaborations amongst attendees. These discussions distinguish AIO from other meetings by not only providing an environment to discuss research challenges but also a networking forum for future cooperative partnerships.

From its inception, AIO has been an all-inclusive meeting. The committee strives to maintain an open and positive atmosphere where collaboration is easily achieved. In the past, regular attendees have developed business relationships, provided key contacts to help one another bring their devices to market, and generated unparalleled comradery.

This year, AIO will feature a Keynote address by Dr. Turan Erdogan of Plymouth Grating Laboratories titled, “A Tale of Two Companies.”  In his talk, Dr. Erdogan will relay his experience with each company and how they evolved from start-ups to thriving mid-life businesses.  Additionally, we are fortunate to have Dr. Sujatha Ramanujan deliver a tutorial on the Luminate Accelerator in Rochester, NY.  Her discussion on the inner-workings of these photonics incubators is sure to inspire new optics endeavors.

The entire AIO family encourages you to join our friendly gathering where like-minded professionals will meet – collaborate – innovate.  The submission deadline is March 13, so please submit your exciting technology soon.  The next meeting is July 8 – 9 in Washington, DC, USA.  We hope to see you there.

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