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Successful meeting in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing you in Advanced Photonics 2017 in New Orleans.

Howard Lee

It is great to attend a meeting with specific focus on certain topics as Advanced Photonics, since it is easier to learn deeper into the topic and to build up network with the colleagues in this field. I indeed learnt a lot in this meeting, from novel materials, specialty fibers to optical sensing, etc.
I am particularly impressed by the invited talk by Dr. Mathias Kolle (MIT) about his talk on “Biologically inspired dynamic optical materials”. He discussed the multifunctional optical phenomena from the biological materials in nature, and about his way to investigate biological materials, such as color-tunable photonic fibers based on soft and flexible materials, and reconfigurable emulsion-based micro-lenses. [Advanced Materials 25, 2239 (2013)][Nature 518, 520 (2015)].
A special talk at lunch given by Dr. Criag Arnold (Princeton University) on “Silver Nanowire Network Transparent Electrodes for Organix and Hybrid-Organic Devices” organized by OSA Optical Material Studies Technical Group is a great introduction on the field of nanowire transparent electrodes. Dr. Arnold clearly explained the problem of the current electrodes, such as contact resistance, integration, and roughness. He then discussed his way to form the contact of silver nanowire electrodes by plasmonic resonant absorption. These silver nanowire transparent electrodes allow the possible replacement of current ITO transparent electrodes. [Advanced Functional Materials 25, 7428 (2015)].
The poster session was good as usual. And the meeting concluded with a post-deadline session with three outstanding papers. I actually wished the meeting would last longer, but 3 days of talks and discussion are indeed good enough to update all the recent developments in our research fields. I am looking forward to seeing all of you next year in Advanced Photonics 2017 in New Orleans.
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