The Connection of Well-Being

At Optica, we know that ensuring our optics community thrives depends on all of us staying emotionally, financially, mentally, and physically healthy. The chance to take a break from email, connect with family, friends and nature – and prioritize personal well-being—is important at all career levels.

Added: 29 Jul 2022

My story from the Siegman School on Lasers 2022

The Siegman International School on Lasers was a marvelous experience that I know I will never forget. I was so thrilled when I got accepted to attend back in 2020, but due to the worldwide Pandemic COVID-19 it was postponed/canceled. However, I realize that a lot of good things came out of that delay.

Added: 25 Jul 2022

Phasing the James Webb Space Telescope

Scott Acton, and his team at Ball Aerospace, were responsible for the Wavefront Sensing and Controls commissioning process for the James Webb Space Telescope. Acton’s plenary presentation at Optica’s Imaging and Applied Optics Congress described the process from the initial deployment of the optics to the final alignment of the mirrors.

Added: 20 Jul 2022

Sensing Congress Speakers Explore the Many Possibilities of Optical Sensors

 The incredible versatility of optical sensors was on display during a plenary session, featuring Juliet Gopinath, University of Colorado Boulder, and Joseph Shaw, Montana State University. Gopinath and Shaw took attendees on a tour of many applications of sensing technology, from keeping desalination plants running to tracking down invasive fish species.

Added: 18 Jul 2022

Optica President Satoshi Kawata's Response to the Death of Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe

Optica President Satoshi Kawata responds to the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  

Added: 14 Jul 2022

Fifth Annual Optica Innovation School Brings Together Innovators in Optics

Whether as an innovator within a larger company or at a startup venture, or as an entrepreneur, Innovation School participants learned more about the innovation economy

Added: 24 Jun 2022

Optica Corporate Member Profile: LIGENTEC

LIGENTEC is a leader in the manufacture of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) in Europe. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the company serves a wide range of applications, from communications to quantum and augmented reality. Optica sat down with the company’s co-founder Michael Geiselmann to learn more.

Added: 14 Jun 2022

2022 World Oceans Day: Optics for the Ocean

Celebrate World Oceans Day and reflect on how we can protect our indespensible ecosystem. 

Added: 08 Jun 2022

Happy Cows for a Cooler Planet

Low-cost sensors can reduce methane emisisons from cows and improve their welfare. Read our recap of Craig Michie's webinar "Sensing in Dairy Farming and its Role in Green House Gas Mitigation."

Added: 03 Jun 2022

Respect the Spectrum: Optica Celebrates Pride 2022

Optica celebrates Pride Month and the LGBTQ+  liberation movement toward a brighter, more inclusive future. 

Added: 01 Jun 2022

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