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24 October 2022

Optica’s Laser Congress to uncover advances in laser beam combining, high power fiber lasers, advances in remote sensing and more

Co-located meetings focus on advanced solid-state laser, laser applications and applications of lasers for sensing and free space communications

WASHINGTON – The Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition will be held 11 – 15 December 2022 at the Barcelona International Convention Centre in Barcelona, Spain. The congress will feature three co-located meetings, special sessions, and three plenary talks.   

“During the four-day meeting, attendees will be immersed in an innovative learning environment that showcases cutting-edge products, and engages their active participation in important debates and discussions,” said Laser Congress chairs David Mordaunt, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, United States; Yuji Sano, Institute for Molecular Science, Japan, and Johannes Trbola, Trbola Engineering, Germany.

Martin Fejer, Stanford University
Presentation: "Quasi-static” quasi-phasematched nonlinear nanophotonics: How few photons, how few cycles?
Recent progress in fabrication of periodically-poled nanophotonic waveguides in thin-film LiNbO3 (TFLN) enables simultaneous dispersion engineering and quasi-phasematching in a highly nonlinear material.In this talk, Fejer will demonstrate how “Quasi-static” ultrafast NLO, with near-zero GVM and GVD allows femtojoule wavemixing, and holds promise for few-photon NLO.

Dahv Kliner, nLIGHT
Presentation: That Changes Everything: How Lasers are Transforming the Economics of Industrial Production
High-power lasers are capturing an increasing fraction of the nearly $80 billion global tool market. Kliner will discuss incorporation of functionality into the fiber and highlight recent breakthroughs in productivity, quality, and performance enabled by all-fiber beam-shaping technologies. Kliner will provide examples from the key industrial markets of metal cutting, welding, and additive manufacturing.

Angela Seddon, University of Nottingham
Presentation: Into the light of a dark black night: mid-infrared fibre-optics for sensing
The MIR (mid-infrared) spectral region is 3-50 µm wavelength.  Seddon will describe how molecular fundamental vibrational absorptions lie within 3-15 µm wavelength, which coincides with the low-loss window of chalcogenide glass fiber-optics, for a new ‘window of opportunity’ for sensing.  

About the 2022 Optica Laser Congress and Exhibition

The Laser Congress provides a comprehensive view of the latest advances in solid-state laser development along with recent new applications. This year’s meeting will be presented 11 – 15 December 2022 in a hybrid meeting format to accommodate virtual (online) participation as well as in-person attendance at the Barcelona International Convention Center. Learn more here.

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