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20 August 2013

The Optical Society Implements Industry-Based Tracking System for Government-Funded Research

Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

The Optical Society Implements Industry-Based Tracking System for Government-Funded Research

New feature deposits OSA-published articles into searchable FundRef registry

WASHINGTON, Aug. 20, 2013—The Optical Society (OSA) today announced it has implemented a new service that enables easy reporting of funding sources for scholarly research articles published in its portfolio of peer-reviewed journals. The newly launched FundRef service from CrossRef enables authors to specify the funding agency that their research was supported by, which in turn allows the agencies to track adherence to their policies, research institutions to better document researcher productivity and publishers to analyze the sources of funding for their published content.  OSA implemented this service in support of the myriad stakeholders needing access to this data and as part of its participation in CHORUS—a large group of Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) publishers working together to provide U.S. federal agencies with a cost-free solution to comply with the U.S. Office of Science & Technology Policy open-access guidelines issued earlier this year.

"OSA is pleased to be among the first STM publishers that have adopted FundRef into their publishing platform," said Elizabeth Nolan, OSA deputy executive director and chief publishing officer. "This tool is a valuable resource for authors, funding agencies and research institutions worldwide as it will enable straightforward reporting of government-funded research at a highly-detailed level and in a standardized way. Additionally, as an integral part of the CHORUS solution, FundRef shifts the responsibility of providing public access to the publishers rather than U.S. federal agencies—freeing up more federal dollars for research funding."

FundRef offers a registry of 4,000 standardized funder names as well as tools for depositing and sharing funding information through the trusted CrossRef system. Authors are able to select the corresponding funding agency and provide grant numbers when they submit their papers to OSA journals.  Once the paper is published, OSA automatically indexes the funding information into the FundRef system. Users may then search articles in CrossRef by funding source. For more information, visit

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