21 February 2023

Optica members inducted as 2022 AAAS Fellows

Eleven Optica members—including 9 Fellows—honored by AAAS

WASHINGTON—Eleven members of Optica (formerly OSA) were named 2022 AAAS Fellows, an esteemed recognition of “scientifically and socially distinguished achievements” in science and engineering. Across 24 sections, 505 individuals were selected as 2022 AAAS Fellows. Nine of the inductees are Optica Fellows; their work was recognized in five categories—Engineering, Industrial Science and Technology, Information and Communication, Physics, and Chemistry.

“Optica is delighted that the AAAS has honored the significant contributions of individuals in academia and industry,” said Elizabeth Rogan, CEO of Optica. “Inductees from the Optica community have made meaningful advancements in a wide range of areas, including lasers, chemistry, quantum physics, and computing; their work in optics will benefit science and engineering now and in the years to come.”  

Optica Members Elected to the 2022 AAAS Fellows Class are:

Peter J. Delfyett, University of Central Florida, Optica Fellow
Keisuke Goda, University of Tokyo, Optica Senior Member
Vivek K Goyal, Boston University, Optica Fellow
Bahram Javidi, University of Connecticut, Optica Fellow

Industrial Science & Technology
Raymond G. Beausoleil, Hewlett Packard Labs, Optica Fellow

Section on Information, Computing & Communication
Yun Fu, Northeastern University, Optica Fellow

Howard A. Padmore, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Optica Fellow
Dan Stamper-Kurn, University of California Berkeley, Optica Fellow

Teri Odom, Northwestern University, Optica Fellow
Norbert Scherer, University of Chicago, Optica Fellow
Sergei Tretiak, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Optica Member

AAAS Fellows will be officially inducted at the AAAS Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. AAAS joins Optica in the belief that science can solve global challenges.

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