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Optica Photonic Devices Industry Summit at ficonTEC

05 - 06 September, 2023

Achim, Germany

Ruud Oldenbeuving

R&D manager Photonic System Integration, Principal Scientist at imec

Designing high power hybrid integrated tunable lasers for automotive LiDAR
About the Speaker
Dr. ir. Ruud Oldenbeuving is R&D Manager Photonic Systems at imec The Netherlands and he’s responsible for the photonic activities within imec Eindhoven. He is an expert in laser physics and hybrid integration of passive and active photonic integrated circuits, with more than 15 years of academic and industrial experience. He was the first in the world to connect indium phosphide (InP) and silicon nitride (SiN) waveguide chips to make ultra narrow linewidth tunable external cavity lasers, and has been front runner in this field ever since. Therefore, he is worldwide considered as a thought leader in the field of customized hybrid integrated lasers.
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