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Optica Photonic Devices Industry Summit at ficonTEC

05 - 06 September, 2023

Achim, Germany

Updated 19 December 2022

Optica Management is following global, federal, state and local health guidelines in preparation for Optica Events in 2023. This page reflects enhanced safety measures that have been put in place and current rules and expectations. Information on this page will be updated as necessary.

Before You Leave Home
  • Get your flu shot, if available to you in your country.
  • Get your COVID vaccines and booster shots.
  • Test regularly as the most effective way to detect COVID and isolate if you are infected.
  • In accordance with current CDC guidelines as of 10 September 2022, international travelers to the US must show proof of vaccination against COVID before boarding a flight to the U.S. Visit the CDC website for more information.

COVID Testing
  • We strongly recommend you self-test before leaving home and upon arriving. 

  • COVID vaccination records will not be required/checked onsite this year. However, we strongly encourage COVID vaccination and boosters, as vaccines are proven to reduce the threat of critical illness.
  • We strongly encourage you to get your flu shot, if available to you in your country, to further reduce the threat of illness.

  • Masks will be available upon request on site.
  • Mask wearing for participants will be a matter of personal choice and preference, and we encourage everyone to be respectful of other individuals’ mask decisions. Wear a mask indoors if you are more comfortable, and we ask that you respect those around you that choose to do so. 
  • We advise high-risk individuals, and those with family or colleagues who are at a higher risk of getting COVID, to wear a CDC-recommended mask, such as the N95 type.

Healthy Habits
  • Wash hands frequently, including after utilizing washroom facilities.
  • Use hand sanitizer.

More Questions?

If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please contact

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