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OIDA Workshop On Embedded Photonic Manufacturing for Data Centers

Twan Korthorst

Director, Synopsys Photonic Solutions, Phoenix/Synopsys

About the Speaker
Twan Korthorst is Director for Photonic Solutions at Synopsys. He has been active in the field of chip design and fabrication for non-traditional semiconductor micro and nano technologies for 25 years. After roles in product engineering and fabrication he joined the PhoeniX Software team in 2007 and developed the company into a leading supplier of design solutions for photonic ICs in his role as CEO. In February 2018, Synopsys acquired PhoeniX Software, bringing together industries widest portfolio of solutions for designing and manufacturing photonic devices, optical communication systems and photonic integrated circuits within one organization and one single support channel. Twan is leading the product management, business development and customer support teams and continues to advocate for integrated photonics technologies around the world. Synopsys is accelerating the adoption of photonics and PIC technology with software to design energy efficient, high-performance photonic devices, systems, and integrated circuits. The Photonic Solutions portfolio offers a seamless design flow from concept to manufacturable design, supported by photonics experts. We are dedicated to helping our customers design the next generation of communications, sensing, and imaging solutions.
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