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Levitated Optomechanics

2-4 December 2015
OSA Headquarters, 2010 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC, USA

Hosted By:
Peter Barker, University College, London, United Kingdom
Mishkat Bhattacharya, Rochester Institute of Technology¸ United States
Nick Vamivakas, University of Rochester, Institute of Optics, United States

Program Overview
Recently new approaches to nano-optomechanics have begun to explore the possibility of leveraging levitated nanoparticles. Initial demonstrations have consisted of laser cooling, optical thermometry, hybrid systems and optical measurements of nonequilibrium dynamics. A critical mass of researchers is nucleating around this topic and the time is right for an Incubator to discuss prospects for this emerging research area.
Scope and Featured Topics
The meeting will explore a number of questions related to optically levitated nano-particle systems. Samples of the specific questions to be addressed include:

  1. How can we push these mesoscopic systems to the quantum regime and explore non-classicality, the quantum-classical boundary and collapse theories?
  2. What insights can be provided into nanoscale classical and quantum thermodynamics and statistical mechanics?
  3. How can low dissipation and large mechanical quality factors be leveraged for high-resolution force metrology?
  4. What new features of nano-optomechanics can be accessed with these untethered mechanical resonators?
  5. What new theoretical challenges are presented in understanding this nonconventional nano-optomechanical platform?
  6. What are the prospects for hybrid quantum systems based on this modality?



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