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Optica Incubator Meetings

The Optica Incubator Program was created to provide unique and focused experiences, providing researchers, engineers and business leaders in niche fields with a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss advances, challenges and opportunities regarding their research. Optica Incubators:

  • Target emerging topics and fields that do not have the critical mass needed to support an Optica topical meeting structure.
  • Function to further the interest and support of promising topic areas, assessing the broader implications of the topic for future research and application.
  • Explore possibilities for greater inclusion and propagation of the topic into peer-reviewed topical meeting and/or congresses or conferences.
  • Encourage extensive formal and informal discussion while establishing a sense of community among participants.
  • Offer a valuable means of disseminating information and ideas in a way that cannot be achieved through the usual channels of communication—publications and presentations at large scientific meetings..

Propose a New Incubator

Optica continuously strives to expand the incubator program to examine new and burgeoning topics. Please use this form to propose an incubator you would be interested in hosting or a topic area you would recommend we explore.

2024 Incubators

Incubator on Wearable Dosimeters and Light Loggers: Performance, Miniaturization and Health Metrics
04 - 06 February 2024
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA

Manuel Spitschan, Technical University of Munich
Rigmor Baraas, University of South-Eastern Norway
Francisco Imai, Chair, Optica Color Technical Group

Incubator on Frequency Combs for Chemical, Biological and Medical Applications
09 - 11 October 2024
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA

Judith Su, University of Arizona
Prineha Narang, University of California, Los Angeles
Bruce Hay, California Institute of Technology

Incubator on Programmable Photonics
06 - 08 November 2024
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA

Wim Bogaerts, IMEC – Ghent University
José Capmany, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia – iPronics
David Miller, Stanford University

Incubator on Spatiotemporal Structuring of Light
13 - 15 Novemeber 2024
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA

Abbie Watnik, US Naval Research Laboratory
Ayman Abouraddy, CREOL, University of Central Florida
Ivan Divilansky, CREOL, University of Central Florida
John Palastro, University of Rochester

2025 Incubators

Incubator on Next-Gen Fiber Sensing: How to Exploit Telecom Infrastructure?
05 - 07 February 2025
Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA

Emanuele Virgillito, Politecnico di Torino
Ettore Biondi, California Institute of Technology

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