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12 September 2022

Optica special events highlights at ECOC 2022

BASEL, Switzerland — The European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) will be presented in-person and online from 18-22 September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. This approach will accommodate speakers and attendees from across the globe with in-person and on-demand content. ECOC 2022 is managed by Optica and locally organized by a dedicated committee of volunteers: ECOC 2022 Committee. At ECOC 2022, Optica members will have the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast briefing, learn more about hot trends in optics and visit the Optica stand (124).

“In total, more than €43 billion of policy-driven investment will support the Chips Act until 2030, which will be broadly matched by long-term private investment,” said Optica’s chief technology officer, Dr. Jose Pozo. “We organized a lively discussion with the European Commission's Colette Maloney, Head of Unit on Microelectronics and Photonics Industry, at ECOC to discuss how the Chip Act will influence market trends in the optical communications industry in Europe.”

IONS+ Supercharge Your Conference Experience
Sunday, 18 September, 09:00 – 17:45 CEST
A program designed for students and early-career professionals with a focus on maximizing the ECOC experience and networking. Learn more: IONS+
Organizers from ETH Zurich, Switzerland: Helena Weigand, Hande Ibili, Killian Keller, Yannik Horst, Ayhan Furkan

Optica's Executive Breakfast Briefing at ECOC
Tuesday, 20 September, 07:30-09:00 CEST
Featuring: Colette Maloney, European Commission, Head of Unit on Microelectronics and Photonics Industry (CNECT.A.3)
Optica's VIP Executive Breakfast Briefing will bring together 150 top executives attending ECOC. As well as being a premium networking opportunity, our goal is to organize a lively discussion with the European Commission's Colette Maloney – Head of Unit on Microelectronics and Photonics Industry (CNECT.A.3). We plan to put several important questions to her around the European Chips Act. This is now going through the procedure to become law in 27 countries. Looking to attend? Email Jose Pozo.

Special Workshop: Diversity in Action: Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace, a Place for All to Belong
Tuesday, 20 September, from 10:45-12:30 CEST
Diversity of thought drives new ideas and innovation. The workshop kicks off with a presentation reminding us of published data linking a diverse workforce and innovation value. Organizations which embrace diversity and inclusion have a strategic advantage because it delivers a broad range of business benefits. These include improved business performance and financial success, with employees that are highly engaged, more happy, healthy, and productive, improved retention of staff and generation of more and better ideas. If we want to have the strategic advantage of diversity, what inclusive behaviors should we adopt? The workshop includes a motivational talk followed by position talks from industry and academia followed by a panel discussion.

Rump Session: Analysis and Real Opportunities from the Hyped Big Trends in Photonics
Wednesday, 21 September, 17:30 – 19:00 CEST
In a relaxed atmosphere and a very interactive session by all the attendees, the scope of the meeting is to discuss how current trends in photonics can help us shape our preferred future. From free space communication to co-packaged optics, from next-generation transceivers to wearable sensors, our industry is both benefited and been challenged by the impact of technology trends.

Moderator: Dr. Jose Pozo, Optica’s chief technology officer


  • Sanam Mozaffari, Opto-mechanical Design Engineer, X, the moonshot factory, USA
  • Michael Lebby, CEO, Lightwave Logic, USA
  • Wim Bogaerts, Professor, Ghent University, Belgium

Mark Lutkowitz, Principal, fibeReality, USA

About ECOC
ECOC 2022 will be 48th edition and return to the heart of Europe. It will take place in Basel, Switzerland, on 18 – 22 September 2022. ECOC as one of the leading conferences on optical communication attracts scientists and researchers from across the world. Not only top universities, but also the world’s biggest and most influential companies present their astonishing breakthroughs from materials and devices to systems and networks, and their insightful visions for the future. ECOC is the key meeting place to share knowledge, exchange ideas, foster innovation and start collaborations on a global level. ECOC also features Europe’s largest exhibition in the field. Get the chance to see the latest products, get new customers or intensify your current relationships. Plan your visit: ECOC.

About Optica

Optica (formerly OSA), Advancing Optics and Photonics Worldwide, is the society dedicated to promoting the generation, application, archiving and dissemination of knowledge in the field. Founded in 1916, it is the leading organization for scientists, engineers, business professionals, students and others interested in the science of light. Optica’s renowned publications, meetings, online resources and in-person activities fuel discoveries, shape real-life applications and accelerate scientific, technical and educational achievement. Discover more at:

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