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Optica Executive Forum at OFC 2024

Bardia Pezeshki

Avicena, CEO

About the Speaker

Bardia Pezeshki has a record of turning innovative ideas into high volume game-changing products.  He founded Santur in 2000 with a novel concept of tunable laser using a MEMS mirror to select one element of a DFB array and won 80% market share of the telecom market — with most of the world’s internet traveling on Santur lasers for many years. At Kaiam, he took the MEMS concept and developed a low-cost method of optical alignment for optical transceivers. Kaiam pioneered the first practical multi-wavelength transceivers and the product was sole-sourced at one, and qualified and used by all the big cloud companies in their datacenters.  At Avicena, the goal is to solve the fundamental interconnect problem chocking computing using microLEDs. Bardia has a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and prior to his three start-ups, held R&D and management positions at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center and at SDL (now Lumentum).

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