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  • Federico Capasso, Harvard University, United States
  • Wei-Ting Chen, Harvard University, United States
  • Paulo Dainese, Corning Inc., United States

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View the agenda for this Incubator​ here.


The nascent field of flat optics focuses on the control of light using nanostructures. It is a multidisciplinary field spanning from fundamental research (including zero index materials, dispersion engineering, etc.) to hot applications in imaging, virtual/augmented reality devices, etc. Flat optics is about to takeoff, as indicated by World Economic Forum as one of top ten emerging technologies of 2019 and predicted by Lux Research for $10 billion USD (€9.2 billion) market opportunity by 2030. This Incubator meeting will bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as program officers from government agencies to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Scope and Topics

The goal of this incubator is to provide a platform for attendees from academia, industry and government agencies to share recent advances and to establish new directions for the development of flat optics.

Through invited talks, panels, moderated discussion periods and informal networking, the program will explore the physics of metasurfaces and their applications, metasurface optical components, large metasurface simulation and optimization as well as industry challenges.

This Incubator is supported in part by:

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