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Adaptive Structured Illumination

4-6 November, 2015
OSA Headquarters, 2010 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC, USA

Hosted By
Kishan Dholakia, University of St. Andrews, UK
Michael Mazilu, University of St. Andrews, UK
Meng Cui, Purdue Universtiy, United States

Program Overview & Featured Topics
The idea of patterning or structuring light fields is now embedded into many areas of photonics. This takes the form of control of light in amplitude, phase, polarization and spectral dispersion. This includes aberration correction, transmission through complex media and even areas of compressive sensing. This Incubator seeks to explore this theme in five key areas:

  1. Functional Imaging at Depth

  2. Reducing the Photon Budget

  3. Transmission through Complex Media

  4. Fundamentals of Orthogonality and Information Transfer

  5. Structured Illumination

Through invited talks and moderated group discussion, this Incubator seeks to bring together experts with this common interest and coming from different fields with the aim to cross-fertilize ideas in applications of structured illumination throughout photonics.
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