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28 May 2024

CareGlance revisits its logo and its core business: a further step towards the industry

From its start back in 2019, CareGlance has been pursuing its mission to level up monitoring processes through an OCT based technology. An intensive five-year period has led to a deep investigation into best practices, alternatives, and solutions. Today, CareGlance is ready to share a clear view of its future, well positioned in the first line of those believing Quality will make our World better.

The ongoing project aims to provide a superior system that enhances various industrial processes by monitoring their quality in real-time. This allows for immediate corrective actions, such as repairing or reworking tasks or parts, while also facilitating continuous learning and improvement of the overall production flow.

CareGlance’s solution is based on a SS-OCT completely developed internally, paired with a patented algorithm able to reconstruct precise images of a wide range of processes, including those using power lasers. In CareGlance every single component of the system is chosen by the Team either after a deep test of the alternatives or created from scratch so that final specifications can perfectly respond to all market needs. The result is a fast, precise, and reliable system that many industrial processes would benefit from.

Laser Welding (LW) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) are on top of the list, but CareGlance is testing – together with relevant players of each sector – many other applications that are eagerly asking for sensors and systems to inspect their processes or the quality of final products.

LW and AM are technologies that are rapidly becoming essential to produce electrical and mechanical parts with a never-before-seen quality and precision. Automotive and Aerospace are among the main users and need to be 100% sure that each component respects tolerances and is perfectly manufactured: CareGlance’s solution is the answer to such high-precision process control need.

Fast, real-time, and noise-robust: these three points are what makes CareGlance’s system unique. Together with that, CareGlance is a more reliable and cost-effective solution that really fits into a production flow.

That’s why CareGlance will focus its efforts into developing systems targeted for the industry. That’s why CareGlance has decided to restyle itself and its identity: the new logo and logotype represent its willingness to work with those who believe – like they do – that Quality will make our World better.

CareGlance Overview

Founded in 2019 by Maria Chiara Ubaldi, CareGlance has been developing an innovative solution to monitor and inspect industrial processes. Based on an OCT – a technology used in ophthalmology – CareGlance’s system is completely revisited to respond to the needs of the industry. It stands among the alternatives thanks to a Swept Source developed internally and a patented algorithm that enables fast and high-resolution image reconstruction.

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