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A Celebration of
Optics and Photonics,


In 2016, OSA celebrated our Centennial marking 100 years of bright ideas, smart innovation and ground-breaking applications driven by more than 270,000 scientists, students, engineers and business leaders in the field.  This was a unique opportunity to share the milestone with our global membership and with the community at large. We launched more than 25 new products and services that helped drive meaningful results. Look back at our first 100 years, and the achievements of our members and get a glimpse at the bright future in optics and photonics to come.

The Global Impact

OSA 100 Exhibit

1,000,000+ Visitors
6 Continents
13 Countries
15 Permanent Installations

Light the Future Speaker Series

8 Conferences
5 Countries
8 Nobel Laureates
6,000 Participants



Ira Flatow, Science Friday


Mary Lou Jepsen, Facebook


Ray Kurzweil, Inventor


Joseph Izatt, Duke University
Bernard Kress, Microsoft / Hololens

FiO + LS

Michio Kaku, Futurist, CUNY


Susana Marcos, Instiuto de Optica, Spain


Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate

Photonics India

Sir David Payne, University of Southampton

Light the Future Talks

Image for keeping the session alive