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On Earth Day, join Optica in celebrating the ways optics and photonics contirbutes to a brighter future for the planet. From building better batteries for environmentally friendly vehicles to measuring air and water quality, optics can have a positive impact across the world. 

Change the world with the Foundation Challenge: Environment 

Optics and photonics can provide unique, effective means to monitor our world, provide more energy-efficient devices, and solve environmental challenges. We are soliciting proposals that will continue improving the tools and techniques to meet current and future challenges affecting our world.

Meet the 2023 Foundation Challenge Winners for Environment

Justus Ndukaife and Yicheng Wang are working to create light-based solutions to sense, measure, and address environmental toxins in the form of nanoplastics and greenhouse gases. 

Enabling Improved EVs through Optical Sensors

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles can minimize carbon emissions. Ongoing avances in battery technology helps to provide more affordable and dependable options to motorists. 

Optics Illuminating Wildfire Risk

As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of wildfires, optics is helping researchers better understand the threats—and reduce the impacts.

GEMM Initiative

Explore the Global Environmental Monitoring & Measurement (GEMM) Initiative led by Optica and AGU, which is building a worldwide network of centers to better understand and mitigate humanity’s impact on the planet.

GEMM at the Optica Imaging and Sensing Congresses

GEMM joins the co-located Imaging and Sensing Congresses in Tolouse, France for special programing.  Join us 15- 19 July! 

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