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Join me in celebrating the ongoing and future impact of optics and photonics on the quality of life on our planet.

Satoshi Kawata
Osaka University

GEMM Initiative
Learn about the GEMM Initiative from its leaders.

Allister Ferguson, Donna Strickland and Thomas Baer discuss highlights of the Global Environmental Monitoring & Measuring (GEMM) Inititaive.

Photonics Tracks Global Environmental Change
Check out an overview of how photonics is used to track global environmental change.

Read this article from the November 2019 issue of OPN magazine.

Detecting Microplastics with Optics
Learn about how we can detect microplastics with optics.

Explore this article from the November 2020 issue of OPN magazine.

Earth Day Blog
Read our blog

Check out our top picks for infuential environmental literature.

GEMM Initiative
GEMM Initiative

Explore the Global Environmental Monitoring & Measurement (GEMM) Initiative led by Optica, which is building a worldwide network of centers to better understand  and mitigate humanity’s impact on the planet.

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